Who is LogicSage

LogicSage, LLC was started by two lifelong friends and computer industry insiders.  The founders have held  prestigious positions in the computer industry and have both Domestic and International experience as well as experience with Dept. of Defense, Fortune 500, Sports Media, and E-Commerce.

Throughout their careers they sought experiences and positions that would prepare them for starting their own company to deliver the kinds of service that businesses deserve when dealing with technical firms.

The LogicSage name was derived to represent the personal spirit of the founders.  “Logic” representing both the colloquial reference to computing as well as both of the founders penchants for problem solving.  “Sage” represents the proverbial “wise man” that people sought out for advice and counsel.  Our founders feel it is a business imperative that they share their knowledge and experience to the utmost in providing for their client’s needs.

The LogicSage Puzzle Logo

The LogicSage Logo
(Trace logo with your finger)

About The Logo

The LogicSage puzzle logo represents the ongoing continuum between our clients and ourselves. Tracing one’s finger over the logo you find that is an infinite loop. 

The infinite loop also symbolizes the interwoven nature of business-technology-relationships. 

The logo colors were chosen because they would match nicely with the clothes we tend to wear, as well as being some of our personal favorite colors.