Website Design

At LogicSage we will work with you to determine the most cost effective site design to fit your situation. We create sites for many different purposes from simple business identity sites to full fledged content management systems or online stores.

Website Hosting

LogicSage can provide hosting services for your new website or your existing site.  Our rates are very competitive and we work with you to optimize your hosting package needs.

Online Stores

We are experienced in setting up your online store so that you can extend your brick-and-mortar operation or go completely e-commerce.  Our services include configuring your storefront software, connecting shopping cart to your payment provider, creating custom graphics, and customizing the store as necessary.

Affiliate Marketing

We also own a number of websites that promotes our interests, products we use, and technologies we know.  Our services also include developing marketing solutions for blogs or other affiliate marketing solutions.

Domain Management

LogicSage can help you to procure and manage your domain name (also known as your web address or URL).  We offer the following services:

  • Domain Names
  • Transfers
  • Bulk Transfers
  • Private Registrations
  • Backorders
  • Private Backorders
  • Bulk Registration
  • Expiring Names List
  • Domain Name Appraisals
  • Business Registration

Business IT Consulting

LogicSage staff have many years in the IT industry, especially in the corporate workspace.  We understand that you have already made considerable investments in your IT infrastructure and want to do as much as you can with what you have.  We can provide business analysis services which evaluate your current use of technology and help you devise a forward looking plan that makes sense.  We know that many businesses are considering several possible approaches to modernizing their business to include:

  • Modernizing your web presence
  • Using a business Content Managemet System
  • Selecting Open Source office productivity applications
  • Moving from PC to Apple
  • Moving from Apple to PC
  • Creating a hybrid PC and Apple architecture
  • Using “Cloud” services to free up IT budget and protect your data from on-site losses.

LogicSage is able to help you in all of these areas.  We have the experience in architecting and managing projects like these of all sizes and durations.

Search Engine Optimization

Also known as “SEO”, search engine optimization is the process by which your web site is found in search engines, and placed high in search results when someone searches for something where your site is a relevant match.  This does not happen automatically, but by deliberate design, code, and data that allows your web site to be ranked higher by the search engines when they ‘crawl’ and ‘index’ the data on your web site.  We can work with you to increase your SEO and it may not involve you having to do significant work on your existing site.  Contact us to see if your site is a good candidate for SEO.

Graphic Design

LogicSage is lucky to be able to provide in house graphic design for logos, custom buttons and images for your project, banner ads, and side ads, etc.  Having this in-house capability allows us to help keep costs down for you since many firms have to pass on this outsourcing cost to you.  We can provide these services even if you do not have a website or hosting agreement with us.  Contact us with details on your graphics need to get a quote.