Are you online retailers, or are you a technology company?

We’re both.   As technologists and business owners we recognize the power of e-commerce.   While we are committed to our own online strategy, we have, and do provide consulting and development resources for others who are trying to be successful in the online markets as well.

Do you build online stores?

Yes.  We are very experienced in e-commerce stores for our own ventures and we have done them for others as well.

What about support for work completed?

If we do work on your behalf we always present support options for you.  These can be in the form of pay as you go, monthly, or annual support plans of various levels.  Every business is different and support plans can vary according to the needs and complexities of the business.

Can you help me with graphic design?

Yes, we are experienced in logo design, custom elements for web design, etc.  Contact us with specific questions.

Can you help me with Social Media advertising?

Yes.  We are very familiar with advertising on Facebook, Google, and other platforms.  We have created, run, monitored, and consulted for a variety of ad campaigns for businesses advertising regionally and locally.

Do you build websites?

Yes.  We build websites for ourselves as well as those we have chosen to support in a consulting capacity.   E-commerce relies heavily on web based technologies and we have always insisted on knowing our business from the ground up, so we use that experience to help others with whom we do business.

Beyond the FAQ…

Business Hours?

We work East Coast and Central US time zone business hours.  We try to respond to all requests by the next business day.