Why you should select

Professional Approach

We always have your business in mind.  We have a vested interest in seeing you succeed.   We bring our business acumen and experience to everything we do.

Honesty and Integrity

We do not suggest work that you do not need: Ever.  We know that your computing budget is not your only priority, for most businesses it’s a necessary evil.  We get that.  We do what we can to get you a quality product at a fair price.

So You Don’t Have To.

Your time, your business, your writing, your venture, your life needs to be spent doing your passions or your mission.   You do not need to learn computer science.  We have it covered.  We will just handle it for you.

Cloud Computing Highlight for Small Business

A cloud strategy should be on your mind for your business.   This small highlight on Microsoft’s cloud offering to run your business gives you a glimpse.  For a low monthly fee per user all they need is a computer and all their applications like Office and the data they need to access are ready to go with a simple login.    No need to pay someone to sit their installing software for you in a backroom at a costly per hour rate.    Ask us how we can help you develop your cloud strategy.

We are great at what we do.

 Really, we are.   😆

Core Services

  • Concept and Vision

    We listen very closely to you and your goals, we learn about what is important to you and your business in order to make sure the concept is right from the start.

  • Design

    We work closely with you to get a design that meets your budget AND can meet and grow to fit your needs.

  • Coding

    We use a very conservative approach to coding.   To the extent possible we maximize use of proven frameworks and infrastructure, to make sure your site is upgradeable and scalable.  Otherwise, too much custom code creates an expensive long term maintenance issue for you.

  • Marketing and Advertising

    Your business or venture often needs promotion or advertising to get the exposure it deserves.  We have been running online advertising campaigns for years.   We can setup the campaigns and provide marketing graphics as needed.

  • Infrastructure

    We provide all the things you need for your online presence including domain registration, hosting, backups, and cloud services.

What people who have worked with us have to say

Michael LeBlanc

“Awesome Job!”

Michael LeBlancFounder of MissionsNet.usMissionsNet
Lee Brecheen

“Our business involves a television show, print magazine, online retailing, and consulting services.  LogicSage has been there for us in all aspects of our online activities.  They’ve helped us with online retailing, streaming full length television shows, and opening up new markets by targeted advertising campaigns to pave the way for growth.  We have truly worked as a partnership and I know they care about my success.”

Lee BrecheenCEO La. Sports Enterprises