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Our services are aimed to provide an inexpensive phone number for your small business. This Direct Inward Dial (DID) phone number, enables you to put your phone number on the Internet or Business Cards without having to use your personal number. This simple solution can be setup to forward the call to multiple mobile phones, home phones, softphones, voicemail, and VOIP phone devices setup at your location.  Please review our Terms of Service.

Typical Usage Scenario:

A customer/client calls your small business number.
The call is forwarded to 3 staff members
One staff member answers the call
A recorded message says to press 1 to answer the call
The need to press 1 lets you know that this as an incoming business call
The callis handled like any normal call

If no one is able to take the call, then the customer/client is prompted to leave a voicemail
The voicemail is then sent to your email address
You can listen to the voicemail on your phone or computer
Or, you can call an retrieve the voicemail by calling your number
Press *97 followed by your pin number

If you prefer to talk on a plain old telephone system handset,
then a VOIP device could be purchased and installed in your home or at your business.

Service Costs:

$10 Setup/Change Fee
$5 Monthly Service Fee which include 120 minutes of inward/outward calls.
Additional minutes are only 1.3¢  (For example, 10 hours is only $7.80)

What we offer:

Clear, no-nonsense, simple to understand billing
Use your own device, or soft phone
6 seconds billing increment
USA 48 Premium tier-1 @ 1.3¢ per minute ($0.013)
Full SIP Broker support
Connect as many phones as you wish with sub-accounts
Premium Quality Domestic and Toll free DIDs
High Channel-Capacity DID’s from $5 per month
Includes 120 Minutes of Inbound/Outbound Domestic Calls
Inbound calls from $0.013 / Toll free: $0.025
Digital Receptionist (IVR), Recordings, Calling Queues
Ring Groups, Callback, Failover destination, Call Forwarding
Call Detail Records also available in xls, csv, sql and xml
A to Z call termination (Worldwide Call Termination)
Pay as you go pricing scheme
Very competitive rates